Mojácar at the Madrid

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Mojácar Flamenco returns to the Madrid Theatre for a weekend of high energy flamenco, featuring some of L.A.'s best new artists.

featured works
Calle San Miguel
The show opens with a driving bulerías, the high energy flamenco style from Jerez de la Frontera. Featuring solos from Lorena, Micaela, Misuda, and Alexandra, it's a poweful way to start an evening.
Felag Mengu
This is one of Mojácar's best known blends, a mixture of an Arabic Belidi rhythm with a flamenco tango. The music can be found on Mojácar's Al Que Quiere CD.
Puerto Abierto
Katerina takes the stage to perform one of her signature solos, the tientos, a soulful blend of fire and grace, with a tango finale that will blow you out of your seats!
Another Mojácar blend, this time we put together a flamenco tango with a Latin jazz Montuno to give the musicians a chance to rip it up. In this case, Katerina acts as one of the musicians, throwing in footwork riffs like a percussionist.
La Primavera
This piece features Lorena, Micaela and Misuda in two of Flamenco's most lyrical, charming forms, the Fandango from Huelva and the Alegrías from Cádiz.
This is another chance for the band to rip it up by reaching into their rock -n- roll roots.
De Gracia
Soleá Por Bulerías
Soleares, a beautiful song and dance, is the center from which all flamenco music is derived. Soléa por bulerías is it's wonderful, modern hybrid, and Katerina offers a blazing, firey rendition.

Cantan Los Fuegos
A Flamenco/Jazz Ballet

This is the premiere of our Flamenco/Jazz Ballet based on Manuel De Falla's El Amor Brujo. We've taken six movements from Falla's masterwork and transformed them with flamenco forms and Latin Jazz rhythms to create a flamenco jazz ballet, featuring the entire cast of dancers.

featured artists
Stephen Dick

Guitarist and composer Stephen Dick, "Esteban de Mojácar", studied flamenco guitar in Spain with Manolo Sanlúcar, Manolo Franco, José Antonio Rodriguez, Manuel Lozano "El Carbonero," and with Paco Arroyo in the United States.

Stephen earned his M.A. in Music Composition at San Francisco State University, where he studied with Pulitzer prize-winning composer Wayne Peterson. While at San Francisco State, He was awarded the Frampton Award for Contemporary Music for his work as a composer. Stephen also studied guitar and composition at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston and the Longy School of Music in Cambridge. He organized BACA, the Bay Area Composer's Alliance, and produced concerts of new music from local composers. He later formed Enthusiasms Of The Hand, a performance ensemble dedicated to presenting a wide variety of music for the guitar. He created music for dancer/choreographer Katerina Tomás for a series of dances she choreographed in 1986. The two artists later collaborated on Canciones Nuevas y Añejas, a program of original works on Spanish themes including "Romance Sonambulo."

In 1990, Stephen and Katerina formed L.A. Olé, a flamenco company focusing on traditional music and dance. L.A. Olé performed at numerous concerts and festivals in Southern California, including an event at El Pueblo de Los Angeles honoring Prince Felipe of Spain. Mojácar Flamenco was formed in 1996, and the award-winning ensemble and has performed in concerts across the United States, Canada and in Spain. Stephen wrote all the music for Mojácar's debut CD Naranjas Amargas and for the group's 10th anniversary album, Al Que Quiere.

Stephen's compositions for the guitar have been published in Italy by Bérben. His arrangement of four of Bartok's Bagatelles for guitar duo was published in the United States by Columbia Music Company. He won the Paulo Barsacchi award for guitar composition for his "Sonatina for Solo Guitar." He was awarded two residencies at the Fundación Valparaíso artists' retreat in Mojácar, Spain, and a grant to study flamenco from the Spanish Ministry of Culture and U.S. Universities in 1999.

Stephen is an acknowledged expert on flamenco and classical guitar and has written over sixty articles on the guitar for Acoustic Guitar Magazine, Guitar Player, Fingerstyle Guitar, Classical Guitar, and Dance Magazine, as well as reviews for the San Francisco Chronicle and the Los Angeles Reader.

Katerina Tomás

Flamenco dancer Katerina Tomás has over 35 years of training as a dancer, dance teacher, and choreographer, and is a recognized scholar of Spanish Studies in the United States and in Spain.

She has studied and performed flamenco with legendary artists in the field, including Spanish Gypsy dancer Rosa Montoya, Roberto Amaral, and Linda Vega, Juan Parra, Inmaculada Aguilar, Antonio Canales, Alejandro Granados, Eva "La Yerbabuena," and Joaquin Grilo. She studied modern dance for over 15 years, and performed in the dance company of the legendary Lucas Hoving, and she studied classical ballet with Jeanne Flood and Dorothy Percival.

With her partner guitarist Stephen Dick, Katerina formed the cuadro flamenco dance company L.A. Olé in 1993, and the group performed throughout the southern California region and the western United States until 1996. She has performed flamenco in the U.S., Canada and Spain since 1987, and was a featured dancer in 2005 and 2006 at the famous El Cid Flamenco Restaurant in Los Angeles.

In 1998, she choreographed, directed and co-produced the Olvera Street festival "Spanish Times." In 1999 she collaborated with Indian dancer Ramya Harishankar and the Pouian Persian Music Ensemble in "Triveni - an ocean of harmony" at the UC Irvine Barclay Theatre. With guitarist Stephen Dick, she performed at the Sur Jerez competition in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain in 2001. In 2003 she choreographed "Fiesta Flamenca," a cuadro flamenco performance piece for the internationally recognized BYU Folk Dance Team. In 2004, she choreographed and produced the award-winning concert Cantan los Fuegos at the Madrid Theatre in Canoga Park, California.

Katerina has conducted scholarly research on flamenco, the Gitanos, and on Federico García Lorca in Madrid, Jerez de la Frontera, Granada, and New York City. She received her Masters of Arts degree in dance at UCLA in 1994, and wrote the master's thesis, "The flamenco artistic lineage of Federico García Lorca and La Argentinita."

She has presented papers on flamenco, Lorca, and the Gitanos at UCLA, the University of Texas at Arlington, the University of New Mexico, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and at Columbia University's Teachers College in New York City. She has published articles on flamenco and Spanish dance in the scholarly publication, The Dance Research Journal, and has received numerous awards and honors for her scholarly work and choreography, including the Zellerbach Family Foundation grant, Northern California grantmakers award, a Cypress College faculty award, four grants from the Spanish Ministry of Culture and U.S. Universities, and an L.A. Treasures Award.

Katerina has taught flamenco and Spanish dance at UCLA, UC Irvine, Cypress College, Orange Coast College, Los Angeles City College, the Pasadena Civic Ballet, at Pointe by Pointe Dance Studio in South Pasadena, and at numerous other locations in and around southern California. With her partner, flamenco guitarist Stephen Dick, she plans to open up a new flamenco dance and music studio in the L.A. area in 2007.

Johnny Sandoval

Johnny Sandoval, a native of Miami, Arizona was introduced to music by his familly, who migrated to the USA from Almeria, Spain. Having a cousin who danced flamenco with Charro, and uncles who maintained a Swing/Mambo/Rumba band, Sandoval began playing drums at a very young age. He started playing bongos, and continued to hone his skills as a multi-talented percussionist and drummer.

His performance credits include La Tania de España, Mojácar Flamenco, Sister Sledge, Arturo Sandoval, Bloodstone, Joe Bataan, Heatwave, Oneway, Greg Adams, and many others. Sandoval can also be heard on movie soundtracks such as Mel Gibson's, "Ransom", and Brad Pitts, "The Devils Own", as well as the internationally popular television show "Sabado Gigante". He is the featured percussionist in Mojácar Flamenco's 10th anniversary CD, Al Que Quiere, and has performed with Mojácar for over three years in concerts and nightclubs throughout the southern California region.

Paulo Gustavo

Bassist Paulo Gustavo began his career in his native Brazil where he began his formal music studies at the prestigious Musiarte in Rio De Janeiro. After moving to Los Angeles to further his career, he studied at the Los Angeles Music Academy (LAMA). He also studied privately with numerous leading bassists, including Ed Lucie of the Buddy Rich Orchestra. He currently works at LAMA as an ensemble player. He also teaches at the Pima Music School.

Paulo has toured the U.S. with numerous Latin Bands and has played with a diverse range of first rank artists including Airto Moreira, Peter Eskine, Jimmy Z and Steve Porcaro. He currently performs with Jackie DeShannon, Jacob Armen, the Brazil Brasil Show Band and has recorded with Thorstein Kober. He is the featured bassist on Mojácar Flamenco's 10th anniversary album, Al Que Quiere, and has performed with Mojácar for over two years. He He

Lauren Santiago

Lauren Santiago began her dance training in Los Angeles at the age of 5. She went on to study several genres of dance including ballet, jazz, tap, swing, Filipino cultural dance, modern and post-modern, hip hop, salsa, Latin jazz, and flamenco.

She received her B.A. degree in World Arts and Cultures with an emphasis in Dance from UCLA. She has studied flamenco with Liliana de Leon, Gabriela Garza, Rafael Aragon, Rina Orellana, Katerina Tomás, Yaelisa, and Briseyda Zarate. Lauren has also studied voice for many years and is currently learning the challenging art of flamenco cante. Lauren is a former member of Liliana de Leon's De LiRitmo Flamenco Dance Company and has traveled to Arizona and Caborca, Mexico to perform with the comnpany. She is currently a performing member of Almardiente Flamenco, and performs in the LA area at numerous flamenco tablaos, including Tapas, Sangria, Mama Juana's, Sabor y Cultura, and Santino's. Lauren has also done several larger shows with Almardiente for private parties and weddings, including the Latin Profesionals Networking event at the Bonaventure Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles for the past two years.

Lauren performed with Mojácar Flamenco in Cantan Los Fuegos at the Madrid Theater in 2004, and she perform frequently with the group at events in southern California.

Wendy Castellanos

Wendy Castellanos has studied ballet, jazz, hip-hop, modern dance, and Latin ballroom, but none have intrigued, or been as challenging as flamenco. Since her first Flamenco class at UCLA four years ago, Wendy embarked on a journey in pursuit of becoming a true Flamenca.
She studied flamenco with Liliana De Leon-Torsiello at UCLA, and joined the DeLi Ritmo Flamenco Dance Company, performing regularly with Flamenco guitarist Rafael Aragon. In 2004, former members of DeLi Ritmo formed Almardiente Flamenco, an ensemble comprised of young artists, of which Wendy is a very dedicated member. She has studied with Katerina Tomás, and is a member of the Arte Flamenco Dance Theater, under the direction of Clarita Corona, whom she continues to study and perform with.

Wendy has performed Flamenco at various venues throughout southern California, including at UCLA's Royce Hall, Anaheim Sports Arena, Sexson Auditorium, Electric Lodge Theater, Fowler Museum, Museum of Latin American Art, Jubilatte Coffee House, Sabor y Cultura Café, Dave & Busters, Tapas, La Luna Negra, The Conga Room, Mama Juanas Latin Lounge, Santino’s, Olé Café, as well as at elementary schools through the Orange County Commission for the Performing Arts. In addition to performing, Wendy also teaches children’s Flamenco and Jazz/Hip-Hop at Caballero Dance Studio in Atwater Village, and she choreographs for and coordinates Quinceañeras and Weddings through the Los Angeles company, "Sueños De Quinceañera." This is her debut appearance with Mojácar Flamenco.

Misuda Cohen

Misuda Cohen began her dance training at the age of 5 in Los Angeles California. She has trained exstensively in many dance forms, including Classical Ballet, Flamenco, Modern, Jazz, Salsa and Samba. Misuda's training took her from the west coast to the east coast to study dance and perform at The American Ballet Theatre School in New York City. She was the recipient of The Bob Fosse Scholarship for Dance while still in school, which is where she fell in love with Flamenco.

She studied flamenco with Roberto Amaral, and withLiliana de Leon Torsiello while attending UCLA. She became a member of de Leon Torseillo's company, DeLi Ritmo Flamenco Dance Company. Misuda has also studied and performed with many great flamenco artists, including Rafael Aragon, Gabriela Garza, Antonio Pipa and Katerina Tomas. She is currently a member of Almaardiente Flamenco Dance Company. This is debut performance with Mojácar Flamenco.

Misuda has performed at various locations in the United States and abroad, including in Los Angeles, New York City, Milwaukee and in Tel Aviv, Israel. Locally, Misuda has also performed at theatres and flamenco tablaos, including UCLA Royce Hall, The Electric Lodge, UCLA Fowler Museum of Intercultural Art, Tapas in Newport Beach, La Luna Negra in Pasadena and Mama Juana's in studio city.

Alexandra Rozzo
Dancer and actress Alexandra Rozo has been featured in numerous television programs and special, including the Latin Billboard Awards, The Today Show, the Ellen DeGeneres shows and American Idol with Shakira, and in Pepito’s Story, produced by Debbie Allen.
She studied Spanish dance and flamenco with the Pepe Bronce Dance Company, at the New World School of the Arts in Florida with Tina Santos, and at the Conchita Espinosa Conservatory with Rosa Mercedes. This is her debut performance with Mojácar Flamenco.

This show is a co-production of Mojácar Flamenco and the Madrid Theatre. It is supported in part by a generous grant fro the Program for Cultural Cooperation between the Spanish Ministry of Culture and U.S. Universities.