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About  Mojácar Flamenco

More that just a flamenco company . . .

Mojácar Flamenco is the ongoing adventure of two artists who share a passion for flamenco, creativity, expression and each other.


Dancer/choreographer Katerina Tomás and guitarist/composer Stephen Dick met in San Francisco.  Katerina was the artistic director of Moving Basis, a modern dance company, and Stephen was an independent guitarist and composer. Katerina hired Stephen  to create music for a new piece. The collaboration worked so well that they got married and have been working together ever since.


Although both began their artistic lives in contemporary music and dance, they were soon drawn to flamenco, and quickly became a part of the flamenco community in San Francisco, working with the great flamenco dancer Rosa Montoya.


Mojácar Flamenco was formed in 1996 while Stephen and Katerina were living and working at an artist’s retreat in the village of Mojácar in southern Spain. Asked to give a guitar concert for the local arts community, Stephen wrote a series of pieces that became the group's core repertoire. 

Since then, Mojácar Flamenco has performed in concerts and special events across the United States, in Canada and in Spain. The group has featured guest artists from a variety of styles including traditional flamenco, jazz, classical, rock, ballet and modern dance.


Mojácar is currently focused on creating Toque Jondo, a series of dance theater works that combine the power and passion of flamenco with the rich expressiveness of contemporary music and dance.


Mojácar Flamenco

(626) 403-7489

(626) 390-4189

721 Mound Avenue

South Pasadena, CA 91030


Stephen Dick

Katerina Tomás

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