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Flamenco Guitarist | Composer

Stephen Dick

Artistic Statement


With roots in Folk, Rock and Jazz, and training as a Classical performer and composer, I’ve loved a lot of musical styles throughout my life.


In the end, Flamenco is the only musical style that encompasses everything that I love about being a musician. Deeply rooted in tradition, Flamenco provides a means to improvise, create and express profound and subtle emotions.


Perhaps what appeals to me most about flamenco is that it is guitar music. Everything about flamenco music reflects its roots in guitar playing. Exploring flamenco is a way of exploring the instrument that I’ve played since I was ten years old.


I also love the way flamenco allows me to work so closely with other artists. Playing flamenco with singers and dancers means working in sync,  matching the dancer’s footwork beat for beat, or following the singer’s unexpected harmonic shifts. Your eyes and ears are always locked on the other artists in shared creation.


Whether it’s the instant joy of improvisation, or the long, thoughtful work of dance theater, creating and performing flamenco with my partner Katerina Tomás and all of the other artists we’ve worked with over the years, flamenco has been the most profound, fulfilling and far-reaching work of my career.


Spanish Ministry of Culture

L.A. Treasures Award

Frampton Award for Excellence in Contemporary Music

Paulo Barsacchi Award

Sur Jerez


Fundacíon Valparaíso, Mojácar, Spain

Center for Creative Innovation

Meet The Composer

Haas Fund

Northern California Grantmakers 

Zellerbach Family Fund


Reed College

New England Conservatory of Music

Longy School of Music

San Francisco State University


El Carbonero

Paco Arroyo

Manolo Sanlucar

José Antonio Rodriguez

Manolo Franco

Alfredo Mesa

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