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Flamenco Is Community

Spend any time with flamenco artists in Andalucía and you'll quickly learn that flamenco is community. Young artists share the stage with professionals. Seasoned artists are treated with respect, warmth and affection. Local flamenco festivals mark the passing of the seasons.

Mojacar Flamenco and your community

From the beginning, Mojácar Flamenco has worked to build the community for flamenco, both in Southern California and wherever we tour.

When we bring a show to a venue, whether it's a new work like Toque Jondo or one of our more traditional flamenco shows, we look for ways to bring flamenco to the community through workshops, lecture demonstrations or by using local artists in our productions. Whatever community involvement we can create, our goal is always to show audiences the same warmth and openness we experienced in Spain.

Previous Community Events


San Diego Museum of Art
In 2012 Mojácar created a flamenco flash mob to help launch "From El Greco to Dalí,"an exhibit of Spanish art at the San Diego Museum of Art. During the two day event, we led amateur and professional flamenco ensembles at various locations inside and around the museum.9:45



Women’s Funding Network
Mojácar launched a flamenco flash mob at the Women Economics and Peace Conference, organized by the Women’s Funding Network in downtown Los Angeles.ternational Folk Dance Ensemble

In 2003, Mojácar was invited to create a traditional flamenco piece for BYU's International Folk Dance Ensemble. This work was included in the ensemble's annual Christmas performance, A Fusion of Cultures and was made part of their touring repertoire. This project included large group workshops and work with a team of advanced students.-10:00 PM

Peña Andaluza en California
Mojácar is a lifetime member of the Peña Andaluza, a community service organization based in Southern California that promotes the art and culture of Southern Spain. Peña events are an opportunity for our students and supporters to become active members of the local flamenco community.

Schools and Workshops

Mojácar Flamenco has taught flamenco music and dance at workshops, colleges and universities across the West, including:

  • UCLA

  • UC Irvine

  • Los Angeles City College

  • Cypress College

  • Orange Coast College 

  • Puget Sound Guitar Workshop

  • Feria De Abril -Los Alamitos

  • Lark Camp

Stephen and Katerina have published dozens of articles and delivered academic papers on flamenco and are recognized experts in flamenco music and dance.


Office (626) 403-7489
Cell  (626) 316-3726

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