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Flamenco Dancer | Choreographer
Katerina Tomás

​Artistic Statement


My modern dance career reaches back to childhood studies with Virginia Tanner, a dance pioneer that ultimately moved me into a long study of Limon and Graham modern dance styles, and into the Lucas Hoving Performance Group.  For many years I created my own choreography and performances, the goal being to emulate  these artists.


Over time, I envisioned a new, revitalized, passionate conversation with dance, and  flamenco beckoned. I joined Rosa Montoya's flamenco dance classes. I became a flamenco dancer and choreographer, immersing myself in baile flamenco, cante, and the ancient, rich history that encompasses flamenco dance, music and poetry.  The beauty, power and boldness of flamenco is expressed in it's depth, something that I searched for in my youthful modern dance studies. 


In the contemporary era, flamenco and modern contemporary dance connect in new powerful and beautiful ways. The styles often collide in Spain, the two art forms challenging and advancing each other.  My goal in performance and choreography is to reveal flamenco's strong and bold emotions of power, joy and sorrow.  Combining the freedom of contemporary dance with flamenco creates unrestricted moments and stories that capture the essence of life.  The flamenco dance theater works draw on the power, beauty, elegance, and lyricism of both dance styles, connecting and clashing.

Creating works that draw on both contemporary and flamenco dance enables our company Mojácar Flamenco to work with some of the best contemporary and flamenco dancers in Southern California. Our dancers, like our audiences, are open to crossing boundaries.


L.A. Dance Resource Center Performance Award

L.A. Treasures Award

Pennington Dance Group - Z Clark Branson Grant - Dance Space Award



Spanish Ministry of Culture​ and U.S. Universities 

Fundación Valparaiso, Mojácar, Spain

 Northern California Grant Makers

Zellerbach Family Fund

Meet the Composer 

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San Francisco State University - B.A. - Interdisciplinary  - Dance/Music/Theater 

UCLA - M.A. - Dance and Dance Ethnology

Universidad de Córdoba - Flamenco




Rosa Montoya

Roberto Amaral

Inmaculada Aguilar

Eva la Yerbabuena

Joaquin Grilo

Juan Parra

Yolanda Arroyo

Modern Dance

Virginia Tanner

Lucas Hoving

Martin Kravitz

Aaron Osborne


Ed Mock

Dolores Nonsitzi Cayou

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