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Cantan Los Fuegos

A Classic Story of Love, Magic and Betrayal

Cantan Los Fuegos Soundtrack now streaming and on CD

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A complete recording of the music for Cantan Los Fuegos is now available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, most other streaming sites and on CD.


Video excerpts from the 1998 workshop production at ARC Pasadena

El Aparecido
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El Aparecido
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Canción Del Amor Dolido
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En La Cueva
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Circulo Magico
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About Cantan Los fuegos

Based on Manuel de Falla’s El Amor Brujo, this flamenco jazz ballet updates the classic story of love and betrayal.


In the original version, Carmelo has loved Candela since they were children, but she can never return his love. She is bound to the spirit of her dead husband, José.  Cruel and unfaithful in life, he continues to hold her in his grasp. Candela is only free to love Carmelo when Lucia, José's lover in life, agrees to take Candela's place.

In our version,  José, is alive and still unfaithful, Candela and Carmelo are still in love, and Lucia still wants José. The community around them, El Circulo Mágico,  guides the two couples as they move from the chains of jealousy and betrayal toward the promise of love, passion and celebration.

The seven dancers are accompanied onstage by a flamenco Latin jazz ensemble performing a new score in which the primary themes of the original are deconstructed and rearranged.

The Dance

About the Dance

When creating the choreography for Cantan los Fuegos, the most important decision was to depart from an essential character in the original version of the story: the ghost of Candela's cruel and unfaithful husband, José.  The challenge was to modernize and urbanize this story, leaving the ghost behind to reveal José's character. This change clarified the underlying story, and moved the choreography into a contemporary setting as two sets of lovers with the wrong partner lead everyone into chaos.  

For this dance quartet a combination of flamenco, contemporary, modern dance, and jazz fit well in a modern setting.  The combination of these strong dance styles reveals the power, sorrow, jealousy and bitter anger of four people that are in love and out of love throughout the piece.


El Círculo Mágico helps to release the two couples from their chains of jealousy and betrayal, moving the quartet towards the promise of love, passion and celebration with brilliant dance expressions of joy, utilizing jazz, Spanish dance, contemporary dance and flamenco. 

The Music

about the music

The music for Cantan Los Fuegos blends the primary themes from De Falla's El Amor Brujo with elements of flamenco and Latin jazz.  The music is meant to evoke the flamenco-based music Miles Davis and John Coltrane created in the early '60s.

These excerpts allow you to compare Falla's original music to the music of Cantan Los Fuegos.

El Amor Brujo

En La Cueva

Juego De Amor 

Cantan Los Fuegos

El Aparacido

The Premiere


Mojácar created Cantan Los Fuegos in 2017-18. It  premiered at ARC Pasadena in March 2018.





Circulo Mágico







Beatriz Vasquez

Albertossy Espinoza

Lorenzo Edwards

Masha Balovlenkov


Sonia Ochoa

Jainil Mehta

Alyssa Thompson

Stephen Dick

Johnny Sandoval

Carlos Dominguez

Katerina Tomás

Stephen Dick

Ellen Monocrussous

Ken Meyer

Efrain Valenzuela

Jami Ferreira




Set Design




The premiere of Cantan Los Fuegos was funded, in part, through generous contributions from the following patrons of the arts:

Daniel Temianka

Edward Dick

Ken Meyers

Bonnie Lund

Danielle Banon

Nancy Ruyter

Cheryl Cromwell

Adrian Ponce

Dale Mueller

Mark Opshinsky

Scotty Devereaux

Karen Chang

Cathy Galuska-Seidel

Lynn Parkerson

Carmel Hupe

Dunia Handy Gill

Rita Hollingsworth

Joanne McClelland

Peter Krusic

Sherrie Simpson

Susan Swift-Carwin

Cindy Chang

Ana Pineros

We would also like to thank the following arts organizations for their material support:

ARC Pasadena

Center for Cultural Innovation

Fusion Performing Dance Academy

Pointe by Pointe Dance Studio

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