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Mojácar Flamenco Music and Dance

Mojácar Flamenco is available for private and public events and on tour throughout the western United States.


Since 1996, Mojácar Flamenco has worked closely with producers, event professionals, corporations, universities, and non-profit organizations across Southern California to bring a flamenco flair to stages, parties and special events.

We have provided everything from an intitmate evening of solo flamenco guitar music to a flamenco jazz trio to a flamenco dance ensemble with up to ten artists. 


Prices range from $300 to $3000 for bookings in Southern California. Bookings can last from two to five hours.


(626) 403-7489

Thank you again for making our event a memorable one. While I never doubted your level of artistry, I was truly blown away by last night’s performance.  Our colleagues and guests felt the same way.

José Perez


Mojácar was great! From the first song they had the audience in their grip. Stephen Dick is one of the best guitarists that I have ever seen. He owns that instrument and it sings for him in every key, note, and beat and chord that he plays.
Fernando is a master of percussion. He and Katerina kept the beat going, weaving a tapestry of percussion.

Katerina is a great dancer. She mesmerized the audience with her dancing. her movements were powerful, seductive, flowing, exciting, dramatic, passionate, beautiful, fanciful... in other words she was fabulous and we loved her. I have to say that it doesn't get much better than Mojácar.

John Hornbacher,

Hornbacher Concert Series

Mojácar Flamenco Dance
Mojácar Flamenco Jazz
Solo Spanish Guitar
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